The New Economy

February 2001
Exhibited at Southfirst (Brooklyn, New York)
Installation: 10' x 7' neon, chalk, debris

At the launch of Southfirst in 2001, I collaborated w my co-founders on two installations in our project space based on concepts I had -- Virus (Jan 01) and The New Economy (Feb 01). The project space was a sub-level that was discretely marked, and these works were unpromoted at the time. Many visitors to the space completely missed their presence.

Text by Southfirst:

"The New Economy: The New Economy (MPLX), a fifteen-foot long and seven-foot high hanging neon sculpture, follows the precipitous rise and fall of the stock market during the NASDAQ boom of late 1999 and 2000. It traces the value of one stock from its peak worth at $100 to its decline of less than one dollar per share. The piece glows heroic white: its shape invokes the sublime mountain ranges of Caspar David Friedrich and legends of virgin American wilderness, but describe a modern roller coaster which ends in plumetting fiscal bust. When viewed from the other face, the piece reverses its story to Wall Street success. The New Economy (MPLX) was conceived and designed by Southfirst (Florian Altenburg, Perry Chen, Maika Pollack), neon executed by Lite Brite Neon, and was shown at Southfirst gallery in February 2001."