January 2001
Exhibited at Southfirst (Brooklyn, New York)
Installation: duratrans, plexiglass, two lightboxes, 36" x 24"

At the launch of Southfirst in 2001, I collaborated w my co-founders on two installations in our project space based on concepts I had -- Virus (Jan 01) and The New Economy (Feb 01). The project space was a sub-level that was discretely marked, and these works were unpromoted at the time. Many visitors to the space completely missed their presence.

Text by Southfirst:

"Virus exhibits four notorious computer codes – I Love You, Michelangelo, Stoned and Melissa. Each green and black light box displays the full script of a virus that infected computers across the world and became legendary prototypes for increasingly sophisticated methods of protection and encryption. Legible as physical windows into the world of hackers and indexes of fear of the intangible assailants, these works mark the first time computer viruses were exhibited and are by Southfirst (Florian Altenburg, Perry Chen, Maika Pollack)." Additional sound executed by Earl Scioneaux, III.