Bridge to a Bad Star, 2017. 

An investigation into the Alcântara Launch Center, Maranhão, Brazil, and the events of August 22, 2003. Printed in an edition of 150 risograph books, and as an online project. View project site.

Computers in Crisis, 2014.

An investigation into the phenomenon, and our memory of the phenomenon, of Y2K. Co-presented by the New Museum, Rhizome and Creative Time Reports for the New Museum's First Look program. View project site.

LUNAR, 2014. 

Site-specific installation / intervention at the disused Teatro Santa Cecelia, Mexico City, Mexico. "A low-pitch rumble fills the otherwise quiet atmosphere — the noise of a generator struggling to light the room." View project.


Chain of Command, 2017. Found organizational charts juxtaposed alongside modified versions. Exhibited at Vienna Biennale 2017, How Will We Work?

Other projects:

The Club, 2016. Community and cultural space in Greenpoint, NYC. Documentation forthcoming.

Oscillation, 2013. Single-channel video loop. Exhibited in A Thin Place, Berlin, Germany. 

The New Economy, 2001.Installation: 10' x 7' neon, chalk, debris. Exhibited at Southfirst, Brooklyn, NY.

Virus, 2001. Installation: duratrans, plexiglass, two lightboxes, 36" x 24". Exhibited at Southfirst, Brooklyn, NY.